Thursday, April 10, 2008


My First App with Android

Video quality is bad and there is no voice.

You can find a better quality video at YouTube. Here is the link.

This app shows your call statistics in a graphical format. The normal call log that each phone will have is limited to only few calls. In this app, I record each and every incoming and outgoing call and store them in a file, and then plot the graphs based on this local data.

There are currently only 6 views that you can see:

1. Total Duration
2. Total Incoming (Duration)
3. Total Outgoing (Duration)
4. Total Calls
5. Total Incoming Calls
6. Total Outgoing Calls

I couldn't implement this for SMSs, since the current SDK doesn't support this feature.

There are other improvements that I have thought of, but I started building this app very late.


Vishal Jain said...
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Vishal Jain said...

This is the best way to make people aware of that software. Though this is not serving the best purpose but people will come to know about the same.

This is great the project has been submitted, will be looking forward for the results as you have put your nights in the project you are deserve to get best.

Anyways best of luck...