Thursday, April 10, 2008


My First App with Android

Video quality is bad and there is no voice.

You can find a better quality video at YouTube. Here is the link.

This app shows your call statistics in a graphical format. The normal call log that each phone will have is limited to only few calls. In this app, I record each and every incoming and outgoing call and store them in a file, and then plot the graphs based on this local data.

There are currently only 6 views that you can see:

1. Total Duration
2. Total Incoming (Duration)
3. Total Outgoing (Duration)
4. Total Calls
5. Total Incoming Calls
6. Total Outgoing Calls

I couldn't implement this for SMSs, since the current SDK doesn't support this feature.

There are other improvements that I have thought of, but I started building this app very late.